Консалтинг та навчання з digital програм, маркетингу
Consulting – we are giving services for setting up business processes on your territory, with full implementation in your project, for solving any difficult tasks.

It may be:


Analysis – all structural units and their tasks.
Drawing up of the technical task.
Selection of the appropriate software (CRM). Implementation and control of work (first quarter).
Teaching and giving instructions for the further work with CRM.

Sales department

Analysis – current work and KPI sales department.
Setting new goals and KPI:
Raising sales from the incoming queue,
Raising the average check,
Raising resale,
Raising sales through cold appeals.

Sales funnel.
Scripts through sales channels.

Commercial activity

Analysis – of economics for enterprises or companies. Setting up economic system to increase profitability.
Expansion of the trade matrix with competitive USP.
Increasing sales channels, business scaling.

Training – we produce certified marketing specialists.
With live cases and practice at work.

Training is individually!


Marketer – a course from 6 months with further employment.
SMM specialist – course from 3 months.
PPC specialist – course from 3 months.
Specialist in creating sites on constructors – course from 2 months.
CRM system setup specialist – course from 6 months.


Project-manager course from 6 months.
Account-manager – course from 4 months.
SCRUM-manager – course from 4 months.
HR-manager course from 3 months.
Sales manager – course from 3 months.

What do you get during training and what documentation you will get:

  1. Only effective and leading specialists are teachers.
  2. Learning takes place while working with real projects.
  3. Portfolio on web portals (placement on thematic web portals or created site-portfolio).
  4. Recommendations from the owners of the companies through which the training was conducted.
  5. Certificate of education in Secret Agency.

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