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As part of the @dia.bisnes.knu educational program, the co-owner of our agency, Oleksandra Tyapina, was invited to speak as an expert speaker and talk about sales.

Even if you are a business owner, even if you are a start-up entrepreneur, even if you are an employee, the topic of sales always remains popular and in demand. Everyone has their own interest, but the goal is the same – to sell to make money.

Let`s take a look at sales from the side of the entrepreneur. First from what you need to start is to realize that sales play main role in any business.

Of obvious benefit:
Provides work of other departments (those who provide services to your clients)
Provides the company with money.
Sales department – this is blood of any company.

Of no obvious benefit:

After talking to the client, an experienced manager can determine:
customer attitude to the brand;
whether the client is ready to buy;
What to pay attention to when buying;
And other factors influencing the decision.

If in your company there is not sales department, that means the main role of sales manager do someone else. This is`t bad, but imagine the work day of such person, and now guess how many working time this person devotes to sales.

The main goal of the sales department and sales manager is to devotes 100% of their working time to sales, as a result, everyone does their job, does what they do best, and at the same time increases profits.

Now lets speak about structure of sales department. The goal of the leader is to build a system that, when replacing any of its members, will work smoothly.

It is important to understand from which point of the report you are creating a sales department.

StartUp. (Built together with the company and other departments)
Young company – up to a year. (Sales department is built on the already existing base, reputation, financial indicators, opportunities)
Existing company. (Previous developments can be useful)

When creating a department you need to follow the rule:

There is a wide variety of sales departments, we highlight three:
Standard model. The head of the company is a sales manager.
Three-stage model. The head of the company – KVP – Lead manager – sales manager – account manager.
Four-stage model. Company manager – KVP – Lead manager – sales manager – account manager – key account manager

These options are common. Sometimes tasks are divided between other departments, but their essence remains the same: Find – Interest – Sell – Hold.

There are three important rules:

  • There is no perfect sales department;
  • It is better to do and make a mistake than not to do at all;
  • The enemy of sales number 1 – Perfectionism.

And to improve your work, implement in your business something that increases your finances, but you need to understand what exactly gives the result. To do this, we propose to make a division by sales channels, products and target audience. And it is best to put different people on all processes.

By type, your sales manager should match the type of business you are in.

Finding 2-3 station wagons that will handle all stages of work is great, but finding 2-3 excellent salespeople and hiring one assistant to do the monotonous work with documentation and reports will significantly change the picture of profits for the better.

And for the training of your Dream-Team to be fast and productive, you need to prescribe the structure, algorithm of actions of employees and scripts for each sales channel.
Scripts are a separate topic, so let’s talk about them next time.

To keep your company running smoothly, follow these steps:

Recruit a team of at least 3 people who will do the same job. Yes, you will insure yourself in case of force majeure, and will not frantically look for a replacement.

Daily control, training and personnel management should be delegated to a professional leader with relevant sales experience.

When the team will be more than 6 people, it is necessary to divide them into 2 groups over each put a leader.

The business process must be described, adjusted and tested again. It is important to fix in regulations and to transfer in CRM.

The business process must be described, adjusted and tested again. It is important to fix in regulations and to transfer in CRM.

Analyze the system by which managers receive their remuneration. It should motivate them, not relax them.

And if I am asked what no company can not live without, I will answer – without CRM and IT-telephony.

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